martes, 19 de mayo de 2015


A: I´m not feeling well
Doctor: what´s the matter?/ What seems to be the problem?
  • ..............ache: headache
  • pain in ....: a pain in my low back
  • a soar throat 
  • a rash: it´s itchy
  • a temperature
  • It´s swollen
  • twisted ....
  • broken bone
  • stressed, depressed, "under the weather"
  • flu
  • cold
  • stomach upset, Spanish disease, constipation (I´m constipated)


  • REGULAR TREATMENT: pill (swallow), tablet, syrup, ibuprofene, paracetamol, antibiotics, plaster, bandage, surgery

  • ALTERNATIVE REMEDY: acupuncture, herbal teas, homeopathy, go organic, honey, massage, meditate.

3. GP = General Practitioner, i.e. a doctor who deals with general medical problems that don’t require a specialist, a surgeon is a doctor who does this.
a sneezing, coughing, a runny nose
b same as for a cold but also with a temperature, and general aches and pains
c vomiting / being sick and diarrhoea
d chest pain, increased or irregular heart rate
e coughing, especially at night, difficulty breathing
a you might faint
b you might be sick, have a hangover
c you might have an allergic reaction, get a rash, your hand might swell
d you might get an electric shock / get electrocuted

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